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People-powered predictions.

FORE is created for and powered by you: you create markets, you participate in markets, and you validate the market outcomes. Whether sports, crypto, weather, current affairs, or beyond, enter a limitless world of prediction markets on any real-world event - limited only by your imagination.

Redistributed rewards.

Why spend time and money on traditional prediction markets when they are structured to extract as much value from you as possible? On our people-powered platform, everyone wins: half of the platform fees are redistributed to you for productive activities like market creation and validation.


Be wary of inflationary projects that distract you with promises of passive income and arbitrary burn events that suit their founders. You're rewarded for your activity in FORE token, and its hyper-deflationary tokenomics are programmed in: supply reduces with every single market and NFT minted.

be the bookmaker.

earn rewards for creating interesting and unique prediction markets on anything from sports, to weather, to politics, and beyond.

become the house.

create a market and earn 0.5% of the total market size, regardless of the outcome.

market your markets.

the larger the market, the higher your rewards: drive traffic to your markets to earn more.

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nothing to hide.

there are no hidden fees, and all activity is recorded on the blockchain for utmost transparency.

let the market decide.

unlike bookmakers who pre-determine odds in their favor, we let our users determine market odds via participation.


you don't have to play to earn.

up to date with the results of your favorite team, but too risk-averse to take a position? earn rewards for simply confirming the outcome of a market.

you hold the power.

2% of market contributions are redistributed to validators for confirming market outcomes.

increase your power.

level up your earning power with multiple consecutive successful validations.

Mobile mockup of market analysis.

our people-powered oracle.

Via our NFT validation model, a decentralized network of validators (or Analysts) perform the role of oracle by uploading the results from real-world events to the blockchain.

In doing so, FORE can index real-world outcomes on any real-world event (in much the same way Google indexes information), to create a people-powered oracle with infinite potential.

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