Q4 2021
The concept behind FORE Protocol began as a web2 sportsbook.
Photo of founder Merv

"We initially set out to offer preferable odds to users by using machine learning and analytics to come up with better pricing. But what we quickly realized was that the core problem was actually centralization, not just pricing. So, we pivoted to create the best peer-to-peer, decentralized predictions ecosystem - one that would not only provide better arbitrage opportunities, but one that would distribute rewards to users that traditionally would have gone to centralized entities."

Merv Merzoug
Co-Founder and CEO

Q1 2022
Realizing the opportunity for web3 to disrupt the predictions market, FORE was born.

Photo of founder Timothea

"While casinos prioritize experience, online bookmakers compete on margins because they’re out of innovative ways to attract users. Web3 is built on incentives - shifting power (and value) from centralized entities to the individual - enabling us to compete on price, experience, and scale."

Timothea Horwell
Co-Founder and CMO



a sign of something to come.
"a foretoken of the opportunities that lay ahead"

Q2 2022
Core team built 

We’ve built a global team of 20+ experienced executives, entrepreneurs, data scientists, developers, marketing strategists, and creatives from Fortune 500 companies, leading DeFi projects, global ad agencies, and the largest hedge funds in the world. Learn more.

Strategic partners secured 

Partnerships secured to date include leading sporting entities, world-renowned casinos and bookmakers, and prominent blockchains and crypto entities - with many more in the pipeline.

Seed round filled

FORE's seed round accounts for 10% of supply (and $1,750,000 of the total raise). Our seed round is closed, having largely been filled by co-founders, team members, and strategic partners.

Q3 2022
Arbitrum chain integration 

With the goal to become a chain-agnostic protocol for ultimate accessibility, FORE Predict mainnet will initially launch on Arbitrum network which offers some of the lowest fees and high-speed transactions on the platform without compromising security or decentralization.

Private testnet live

Unlike most blockchain companies that come to market with nothing but an idea and a whitepaper, FORE's co-founders bootstrapped development to build FORE Protocol before launch. We built a complete beta version of the protocol that allows real users to test our core functionality (create, participate in, and validate markets), as well as additional features such as a fully-functional NFT marketplace, portfolio pages that synthesize user activity, and a leaderboard page that forms the foundation of our gamification strategy.

Photo of founder, Andres

"From passive income seekers to action chasers, people have different risk profiles. But in our people-powered model, everyone wins. FORE incentivizes participants for productive activity on the protocol, bringing ‘play-to-earn’ to predictions via a gamified NFT-based platform. Typically these rewards would go to a centralized entity, but FORE is intent on democratizing and decentralizing those sources of power to create income and wealth generating opportunities for the community through the redistribution of fees."

Andres Soriano
Co-Founder and COO

Q1 2023
Community launch

To communicate the power (and reward) of a people-powered network driven by incentives ahead of the protocol launch, our community launch cultivated an environment of meritocracy, rewarding and promoting members proportionate to their level of participation and value to the ecosystem.

Hackathon live

FORE Protocol's public test net went live to the community alongside a hackathon, designed to utilize and incentivize a global community to collaboratively stress-test FORE’s MVP. We wanted to invert the traditional narrative around early system errors, faults, and bugs by cultivating an exciting environment where the smartest minds in the industry (and beyond) could collaborate and contribute to the FORE ecosystem to build a truly people-powered network - and be rewarded for doing so.

Private round filled

The majority of our private round (accounting for 20% of total supply and $5,500,000 of our raise) has been filled by strategic partners in the betting, sports, and crypto space.

Q2 2023
TGE + token launch

FORE token live on exchanges (CEX + DEX).

Q3 2023
FORE Protocol launch

The launch of FORE Predict signifies the start of revenue generation (for FORE and our users). As the rate of deflation of FORE token is directly proportional to activity on the protocol, launch will kick-start FORE's hyper-deflationary token model.

FIAT on-ramp

Decentralized predictions markets have failed to capture market share from traditional markets due to the difficulty in onboarding newcomers into DeFi. FORE Protocol will have a fiat onramp soon after launch to enable access via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, and more - allowing ANYONE to use the platform.

Gamification season starts

We have seen little innovation or focus on user experience in DeFi predictions protocols, without a focus on optimizing UI to encourage participation. FORE gamifies decentralized predictions to bring “play- to-earn” to betting, tapping into innate needs for entertainment, status, prestige, and reputation.

Partnerships and sponsorships

Partnering with third parties with audiences of scale will allow us to bring greater attention to the protocol, both within and outside of the blockchain space.

Q4 2023

EVM-compatible chain integrations

With the goal to become a chain-agnostic protocol for ultimate accessibility, EVM-compatible chains such as Fantom, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and more will be integrated based on user demand and ecosystem value. 

Secondary market launch

FORE Protocol is the first predictions market leveraging NFTs to maximize value extraction for users. When a user creates or participates in a market, they receive an NFT to represent their right to the appropriate rewards. Since value accrues directly to the owner of the NFT, we are creating a dynamic and liquid secondary market for these assets.

FORE Predict 2.0

We have built our MVP around a parimutuel market structure. We plan to expand our offering to include several market types and structures based on user demand, including (but not limited to): 

- Categorical Markets - The user can take a position on one (or more) of several choices defined by the market creator. For example, “which of the following will be the MVP of the NBA season?”

- Ordered Markets -
The user can predict the order of pre-defined outcomes as set by the market creator. The most direct comparison for this market type would be an exacta, perfecta or exactor market. For example, “correctly pick the top three horses in a particular race, in exact order”

Parlay Markets
- much in the same way parlay bets work currently, parlay markets would payout based on the successful prediction of two or more markets (pre-defined by the market creator)

- Floating Point Markets - The user can participate in a market that relates to a floating point number. For example, “what will be the sum of the total minutes played for Messi and Haaland on a certain date?” Users can then guess the number (with the users closest to the actual number winning)

FORE Protocol is the first predictions market leveraging NFTs to maximize value extraction for users. When a user creates or participates in a market, they receive an NFT to represent their right to the appropriate rewards. Since value accrues directly to the owner of the NFT, we are creating a dynamic and liquid secondary market for these assets.

FORE Predict Mobile App

Deployment of iOS and Android applications for improved user experience on the go.

Expansion of the FORE Ecoystem

FORE Protocol has created a tokenized incentive economy to mobilize, and reward, the wisdom of the crowd to problem-solve at scale. In doing so, FORE Protocol is utilizing a decentralized network of people to bridge the gap between the real-world and the blockchain: forming the foundation for web3 solutions that remove friction from real-world industries such as prediction markets, data oracles, financial auditors, and more. 

Applications built on the protocol will be separated into two core architectures: applications leveraging the technology itself, and applications leveraging its output: the data recorded on-chain. Priorities for development in 2024 include:

FORE ORACLE is a people-powered oracle indexing real-world results on chain. Via a decentralized network of validators, FORE Oracle “indexes” real-world outcomes onto the blockchain to create an infinitely scalable oracle for businesses in any sector.

FORE AUDIT is a crowd-sourced  auditing tool to evaluate proof of reserves and transactions.

FORE SIGHT is a business intelligence application to provide insight into granular and aggregate market trends.

FORE RESOURCE is a human resource management tool to drive performance.

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