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Q1 2022
Realizing the opportunity for web3 to disrupt the predictions market, FORE was born.
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"While casinos prioritize experience, online bookmakers compete on margins because they’re out of innovative ways to attract users. Web3 is built on incentives - shifting power (and value) from centralized entities to the individual - enabling us to compete on price, experience, and scale."

Timothea Horwell
Co-Founder and CMO



a sign of something to come.
"a foretoken of the opportunities that lay ahead"

Q2 2022
Core team built 

We’ve built a global team of 20+ experienced executives, entrepreneurs, data scientists, developers, marketing strategists, and creatives from Fortune 500 companies, leading DeFi projects, global ad agencies, and the largest hedge funds in the world. Learn more.

Strategic partners secured 

Partnerships secured to date include leading sporting entities, world-renowned casinos and bookmakers, and prominent blockchains and crypto entities - with many more in the pipeline.

Q1 2023
Community launch

To communicate the power (and reward) of a people-powered network driven by incentives ahead of the protocol launch, our community launch cultivated an environment of meritocracy, rewarding and promoting members proportionate to their level of participation and value to the ecosystem.

Hackathon live

FORE Protocol's public test net went live to the community alongside a hackathon, designed to utilize and incentivize a global community to collaboratively stress-test FORE’s MVP. We wanted to invert the traditional narrative around early system errors, faults, and bugs by cultivating an exciting environment where the smartest minds in the industry (and beyond) could collaborate and contribute to the FORE ecosystem to build a truly people-powered network - and be rewarded for doing so.

Q2 2023
TGE + token launch

FORE token live on exchanges (CEX + DEX).

Q4 2023
FORE Protocol launch

The launch of FORE Predict signifies the start of revenue generation (for FORE and our users). As the rate of deflation of the FORE token is directly proportional to activity on the protocol, the launch kick-starts FORE's hyper-deflationary token model.

Q1 2024
TOKEN LISTING: adoption of FORE token

To improve the accessibility of FORE globally, FORE token will be listed on strategic exchanges - increasing liquidity, volume, and reach. Each additional listing will be supported by large co-marketing efforts.

INTEGRATIONS: new features on FORE

To enhance the user experience on FORE Predict and further the platform’s capabilities, additional partnerships and integrations with prominent projects in the blockchain space will be announced and deployed: including oracles, wallets, and more.

FORE GLOBAL: borderless predictions

As FORE prepares to expand into new, high-volume regions, FORE will deploy in-app translation to enable users to participate in predictions in their native languages.

FORE SOCIAL: personalized predictions

A Social Prediction Layer will be built on top of FORE Predict to drive deeper engagement: enabling users to create public profiles, follow profitable players, and communicate with other participants.

FIAT ONRAMP: onboarding non-defi users

Recognizing the challenges faced by decentralized prediction markets in onboarding new users to DeFi, FORE Protocol is addressing this issue by introducing a fiat onramp. Users can seamlessly access FORE through various methods, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, and more. This initiative aims to eliminate potential barriers, ensuring a smoother user experience and broader participation in FORE Predict.

Q2 2024

ALTERNATE ASSETS: expanding participation

To enable anyone to use FORE Predict, we’re allowing users to participate with various leading tokens when entering a market. However, all markets will still be settled in FORE token: alternate assets will be auto-converted to FORE via market buys to preserve tokenomics.

AI-POWERED PREDICTIONS: data-driven decisions

AI technology will be integrated into FORE Predict to empower users to make more informed predictions - creating the first AI-powered predictions ecosystem. Users will be able to index the entire internet directly from the app itself, enabling more informed market creation, participation, and validation.

CHAIN INTEGRATION: reaching new audiences

To widen accessibility beyond the Arbitrum network, additional blockchains will be integrated into FORE Protocol as we work towards a chain-agnostic future. Additional chains will be determined based on user demand, low gas fees, and market adoption.

GAMIFICATION: driving engagement on FORE

To enhance user engagement, new ‘gamified’ features will be rolled out across FORE Predict to foster a dynamic and competitive community environment. From ‘badges’ to sponsored seasons, these features will offer additional incentives and rewards based on activity on FORE Predict.

VISIBILITY: real-world sponsorships

Collaborations with third parties with large audiences will increase the visibility of the FORE Protocol, both within and outside the blockchain space.

Q3 2024
TOKEN LISTING: adoption of FORE token

Furthering our commitment to accessibility, additional exchange listings on leading exchanges will increase the availability and trading opportunities for FORE token. Each additional listing will be supported by large co-marketing efforts.

CROSS-CHAIN MARKETS: a chain-agnostic future

To facilitate seamless participation as additional blockchains are integrated into FORE Predict, cross-chain markets will be introduced to enable users on various blockchains to interact with each other.

NEW MARKETS: any market, any structure

Having proven our hypothesis of people-powered predictions with a binary parimutuel market structure, we will roll out new market structures suited to our users needs: including time-weighted markets, categorical markets, ordered markets, parlay markets, and a secondary market for positions.

Q4 2024
FORE GAMEFI: FORE-powered gaming

FORE Protocol will roll out additional skill-based games utilizing the FORE token, tapping into the rapidly expanding GameFi sector to offer users a variety of engaging, interactive, and profitable experiences.

FORE PREDICT 2.0: secondary market opportunities

To enable more flexibility in positions, FORE Predict 2.0 will feature a secondary market for market creators and participants to trade their positions throughout the market lifecycle, creating a dynamic and liquid secondary market.

FORE ORACLE: people-powered validation

Via a decentralized network of validators, FORE Oracle will index real-world outcomes onto the blockchain to create an infinitely scalable oracle for businesses in any sector.

FORE API: expanding accessibility

Expanding access to predictions beyond FORE Predict itself, FORE API’s white label widget will enable seamless, customizable integration into websites, web3 games, web2 betting platforms, exchanges, social channels, and more.

MOBILE APP: gaming on the go

The deployment of iOS and Android applications will enable a more seamless user experience on the go for predictions, gaming, and more - all powered by the FORE token.

FORE BUSINESS: expanding the FORE ecosystem

FORE Protocol has created a tokenized incentive economy to mobilize, and reward, the wisdom of the crowd to problem-solve at scale. In doing so, FORE Protocol is utilizing a decentralized network of people to bridge the gap between the real-world and the blockchain: forming the foundation for web3 solutions that remove friction from real-world industries such as prediction markets, data oracles, financial auditors, and more. 

Applications built on the protocol will be separated into two core architectures: applications leveraging the technology itself, and applications leveraging its output: the data recorded on-chain.

Priorities for deployment in 2025 include:

FORE AUDIT is a crowd-sourced  auditing tool to evaluate proof of reserves and transactions.

FORE SIGHT is a business intelligence application to provide insight into granular and aggregate market trends.

FORE RESOURCE is a human resource management tool to drive performance.

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