A new world of predictions is coming.

FORE Predict, the first people-powered predictions ecosystem, will be live 12:00 UTC November 30th, 2023.

WIN 10,000 FORE

We’ve been working tirelessly to build a people-powered predictions platform that’s powered by you. A predictions ecosystem where the house doesn’t win, but you do. A trustless, secure set of smart contracts that enables you to profit off your opinions on anything, and without the bad odds and high fees seen on centralized counterparts. A decentralized platform where you hold the power, and your own funds. And above all, a peer-to-peer predictions ecosystem where you have the freedom to create, participate, and validate any markets on any events, and are rewarded for doing so.

Welcome to a new era of predictions. From 12pm UTC on November 30th, you’ll be able to generate income from creating prediction markets on any event. You’ll be able to participate in prediction markets against other users, with better odds and lower fees than centralized counterparts. And you’ll be able to create a consistent revenue stream through simply validating prediction markets outcomes.



You can find ANY prediction market on FORE, or create it if you don’t. Whether NFT prices, sporting events, political scandals, or even the next viral meme, you can find a market on anything on FORE’s peer-to-peer prediction platform.


The odds are in your favor on FORE. We never determine market odds - you do. Starting odds are set by the market creator, and users determine the final odds through participation in either side of the prediction market.


Find incredibly low fees on FORE with no hidden fees EVER: fees are recorded on the blockchain for ultimate transparency. The protocol takes a 1% fee on market participation,and the remainder is burned or redistributed back to users. 


Want to profit off predictions but too risk-averse to take a position? 50% of platform fees are redistributed back to users for productive activity on the platform: generate consistent revenue through simply creating or validating prediction markets.

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