#FOREfluencer: PHASE TWO

FORE is the first people-powered predictions ecosystem where you create, participate in, and validate prediction markets - and are rewarded for doing so. Now, we’re taking people-powered one step further. With the expansion of the FOREfluencer social ambassador program, you can be rewarded for creating, amplifying, and sharing FORE content too.

The FOREfluencer program was initially established to help spread the word about FORE on Twitter prior to main net launch. Now that FORE Predict is live, we’re expanding the program to reach new channels, new audiences, and new users.

Over the next two months, community members will be able to earn a share of 15,000 FORE through various activities that support the growth of the FORE ecosystem. This includes:

- Platform Activity: Creating, participating in, and validating markets on FORE Predict.

- Platform Growth: Actively share your platform activity on social channels to encourage others to join the platform.

- Community Engagement: Participate in AMAs, answer queries, and create a helpful and friendly environment for newcomers. 

- Social Amplification: Spread the word about FORE Predict on various social media platforms to drive awareness of FORE.

Get started and sign up here! Alongside the 15,000 FORE rewards, there’ll be plenty of additional prizes and surprises in store along the way.


From protocol prompts to user-generated markets, dynamically translate FORE Predict into your native language with the click of a button.

DeFi prediction markets as a source of truth in an age of misinformation


DeFi prediction markets as a source of truth in an age of misinformation

FORE realized that the value of decentralized prediction markets extends beyond merely forecasting outcomes, having built a decentralized ecosystem where the wisdom of the crowd can be harnessed to validate events, not just predict them.

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